5 Years Ago…to Today


Part of the reason why I’m really trying to blog (consistently) is the fact that I have done so much…and there is very little to document for it. So let’s take a trip down memory lane…

5 Years Ago…

I had came back from Atlanta for my first ( and not the last) visit to the French Consulate in Atlanta for a student visa. I was preparing to leave the USA to live in France for the first time and I would soon learn that despite my affinity for travel, I always seems to have some minor-major paperwork or scheduling issue when it comes to visas…

4 Years Ago…

I was preparing to go back to alma-mater for my senior year. I was excited to resume my university life again but I knew after being back in the US all summer that I wanted nothing more than to get my degree and find a way to get out and travel again.

3 Years Ago…

I was a newly minted graduate and was preparing to leave the US again…Not back to France to teach like I had originally planned in my mind but to South Korea instead. I also ran into some paperwork issues – it was a (expensive) mistake on my part. Little did I know that going to Korea was going to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

2 Years Ago…

I was in the UK/France seeing all of my close friends in a period of two weeks. I also had made time to see someone else who had come to care about a lot over that spring/summer. It was an emotional trip with many highs and lows.  But the trip helped solidify my resolve to come back to France.

1 Year Ago…

I was prepping for French Visa #2 to teach. That August in Korea was so wet and grey. My mood for the most part that month reflected that mood. I was very much torn about my decision to leave. Every day I woke up feeling that I needed to get out of Korea as soon as possible but also knowing that I would very much miss the life that I had there because it was a life I had  built for myself. I also went to Busan for a long weekend at that time and I had learned so much from that weekend.


I’m back in the USA, waiting on French Visa #3. After two more years of french courses at Alliance Francaise in Daejeon as well my time spent in France this past year, my French was finally good enough to apply to grad school in France and get in. I’m so excited, terrified and nervous about this next step in my life.

2 thoughts on “5 Years Ago…to Today

    • Thanks! I’m really excited as well! Going to grad school in France is something that I wanted to do for a long time.

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