More Than A Pretty Face

My makeup routine

I recently made my first two original posts private in an effort to figure out my direction of this blog. I figured out that I don’t want this blog to be just a beauty blog, but mainly travel focused because that’s what I do the most with my discretionary income and my free time. But I also knew that it was coming more from a place of fear.

Although I know this intrinsically, caring about beauty/aesthetics is not completely an exercise in vanity but rather an exercise in self-care. However, I thought about cutting that section out entirely in an effort to appear less vain. But as I thought about it more, should I really care about the opinions of those who might see me as vain?A lot of blogs and forums that I connect with are full of women who believe that one can be intelligent and care about things like beauty, fashion etc.I realize that this is what frustrates me sometimes about American culture. We have these incredibly powerful industries that advertise that we as women must look perfect but then we get vilified by our colleagues, the opposite sex, family members etc. when we actually look like we care, much less have fun when deciding how we present ourselves to the world.

Now this is not the case in my family. My family has always stressed on looking presentable because as a minority with a young face (I know I’ll be thanking my parents one day…), I can’t afford to look like I don’t care if I want to be taken seriously.One can also see this mentality in more conservative fields and regions like the American South and metropolitan areas. It’s a culture of extremes with a damned if you do, damned if you don’t mentality. It’s a mindset that I don’t tend to see in the two main countries I have lived in outside of the US: France and South Korea. Both cultures do have their own beauty standards, some which overlap such as flawless skin and looking presentable when outside the house. And while for outsiders it may look effortless, anybody who has spent significant time there knows that it’s far from it but everybody there knows it, accepts it and in fact expects the effort. While these countries have their own flaws and challenges for their societal ideal of beauty, at least there is this cultural acknowledgement that this expectation encourages that women (and men!) behave a certain way because taking care of yourself is a form of respect for yourself as well as for others.

So as I thought more about this topic. Why censor myself? I don’t do so in real life and this is my little space on the internet. So I’ll continue to write about beauty because I feel like I could add value to this sphere. But I’ll also be writing about travel, current events,photography, technology, food, fashion, relationships etc. because these are all things that I’m interested in.

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