French Pharmacy Faves


Today, I’m going to deviate a little bit from my love affair with Korean skincare and cosmetics to an equally passionate love: French skincare. I’ve never been big on cosmetics in general but one thing I was looking forward when I moved back to France was rekindling my love affair with the French pharmacy. These are my favorites from my time here so far, from left to right:

Cattier Argile Verte Prèt À L’Emploi

A very simple and cheap( 4 euros!)  green clay mask. Cattier is known for being one of the “bio” ie organic skincare companies you can find here in France. I usually leave it on for 7-8 minutes and then wash off. I also have a cheap 1 euro thermal water spray from the grocery store to make sure that the masks stays damp. Nothing really fancy about its effects other than the fact that it is an effective clay mask. I will say that it is not as gentle as Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask. While I can spot treat with the Innisfree overnight with no reaction, my skin starts to tingle a bit with this sometimes.


This moisturizer needs no introduction. I bought this during the winter on a whim thinking that if it’s too rich, it will just be delegated to a travel moisturizer/lotion.  Turns out that I really like it… a lot. It’s everything that all the makeup artists and Into the Gloss have raved about. It’s a great no frills moisturizer/primer that also works as a makeup remover in a pinch. I have used it to remove my Fairydrops mascara which is pretty impossible to remove except with my oil cleanser.

Noreva Actipur Crème Anti-Imperfections Matifiante

I was originally going to buy this moisturizer until I got sidetracked by Embryolisse. I was having a hard time finding a a lighter moisturizer without alcohol denat and this fit the bill. It also has niacinamide and ceramides to boot..what’s not to love? I usually mix it with Embryolisse right now because of the weather and how it leaves my skins not too dewy or too matte.


I found out about this through the blogosphere but it’s very commonplace in French medicine cabinets. It’s great for dealing with burns and wound healing but also as an extra layer of moisture. I use at night before my sleeping pack and my skin definitely appreciates it. When I was using it consistently, I found that my scar from stitches started to fade more quickly. While I won’t be using it as much now that the weather is getting warmer it was indispensable this past winter,especially when I was back in the US dealing with the polar vortex.

Cicabiafine Baume Douche Hydratant Surgras

After having so much success with Biafine, I wanted to try their Cicabiafine line for the lotion. Well that day at the pharmacie, I was having an off moment apparently because I picked up two shower gels instead (1+1 promo). I have no regrets however because it is now HG status because it leaves my skin not only moisturized, but I no longer have residue on my legs after drying off myself. I realized that regular plain soap doesn’t work for me but a creamy lotion like shower gel like Cicabiafine works fantastically.

Do you guys have any French skincare favorites? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

One thought on “French Pharmacy Faves

  1. I have so much of Avène and Bioderma as well as La Roche Posay. They are all great for their compatibility with hypersensitive skin and can be targeted for specific issues. I have a mixte type which is rather a challenge to treat in particular summers my skin is so oily and prone to blemish while in the winter it’s so dry and flaky.

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