Wardrobe Reflections 2018: Acquisitions and Sartorial Shifts

Items from left to right: muji striped buttondown, grey cashmere/silk blend sweater, L’Oreal x Balmain , black silk camisole, madewell white tissue tee, madewell black tissue tee, Eram tennis shoes, Madewell packable Mesa Hat, Uniqlo jeggings in off-white and black., ‘monoprix’ earrings,  Armani blue sling-back flats, A.P.C leather skirt, L’Oreal , x Isabel Marant lipstick, Mellow Yellow gold heel, Lanvin low wedges with embossed python leather. 


I’ve decided to break down the acquisitions into a numerical format for future reference. This year, I’ve spent (outside of shoe repair and dry-cleaning) 300 euros on clothes.This expenditure only amounts to about 4% of my yearly revenue (based on 2017 estimates-which should be the same if not more this year ). And for full disclosure only 200 of that was actually my money (thanks BF and mom). I currently am under budget for my age demographic in France where the average spend is 359,4 euros annually

As you can see in the collage, I’ve bought around 14 items ( I’ve decided to not include skincare stuff because that is more of a need). I averaged 21 euros for each item, but if we divided my expenditures by month, it would increase to 24 euros. 

In terms of sustainability, half or seven of the items that I purchased were second-hand. Everything else was bought brand new at a discount – except for one lipstick. 

My overall thoughts about my spend amount this year? I’m surprised that I’ve spent as much as I did due to the fact that I moved in with my BF into an apartment ($$$).  I also think this year was still a very conservative spend year for me considering that most of purchases were to replace items in nature which makes me shudder on how much I used to spend where I felt more inclined to follow trends. However, this year was much more spendy in comparison to 2017 and 2016 – years where I can count on my hand the number of items I bought for my wardrobe. 

Sartorial Shifts:

In terms of sartorial shifts, it’s clear that I have assimilated the sartorial codes of a Parisienne wardrobe, i.e lots of neutrals. However, most of my purchases feature some whimsy or extra luxe detail. Most of my purchases feature all natural fibers. Also, some of the items shown in the collage are close approximations of items that I bought. The low wedges have python embossed leather in real life. The navy sling-backs that I have blue sequins at the front. However all the other items are near identical and I think my gold heels, black lacy cami and leather skirt add more ‘pop’ into my wardrobe.

These purchases also reflect somewhat of balancing act of my daily style: with working and now being back in school full time, there are days that my clothes need to be super casual and others when I can happily ramp up the formality factor so it’s imperative that I have items that can function for several occasions. 

How do you feel about your shopping progress this past year? Do you think that there could be improvement? 

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Reflections 2018: Acquisitions and Sartorial Shifts

  1. Your purchases put together all look very cohesive! Your shoe purchases look really great, I especially love those gold heels. I haven’t been as impressed with my own shopping all the time, though I’ve been working on being a more careful shopper for quite some time! It’s been a very long process for me.

    • Thank you! Honestly, reining in my shopping has been a long process for me as well. I think having a limited student budget and realizing my preference for investing in food and travel is what keeps me in check. I’ve been thinking about doing a series on how I got to my present shopping habits if you are interested!

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